Bubble Sheet (Answer Sheet) Templates

Bubble Sheet

Try this skills test template.
(US letter size)

Create, Print, Scan and Export.

FormReturn can do all of this for you in one program.

You don't need a big expensive mark reading machine to use FormReturn. FormReturn lets you create and read bubble sheets with ease. Simply print out your FormReturn bubble sheet with a laser printer, and scan it with an image scanner.

Get Started with Your Own Design

To help you get started with designing your own bubble sheet templates, we have provided bubble sheet templates for different purposes on the FormReturn help website. To begin previewing the selection of bubble sheet templates, click on the paper size of your printer below.

Sample US Letter Size Bubble Sheet Templates (North America)

Sample A4 Size Bubble Sheet Templates (Everywhere else)

Instructional Clip Art Images

If you'd like some instructional clip art images, such as how to correctly shade in the form, you can find them on the clip art page.

Really Quick Start to Designing Bubble Sheets

To start designing bubble sheets, download your free 30 day trial copy of FormReturn. Once you've downloaded and installed the program, start it then create a new segment by clicking the new segment button. Then click on the checkbox tool and click on the page. A, B, C, D, E will appear by default. To change what it says, double click on the checkboxes. To test the OMR detection of this page, draw some lines over one of the checkboxes with the line tool, then click on the recognition preview tab, then click detect marks. You will probably notice it is already detecting your marks!

Quick Start Guides to using the different Bubble Sheet Templates

  1. PDF Guide for templates with Template Variable Replacement used as form identification

  2. PDF Guide for templates with an OMR ID Grid used as form identification

  3. PDF Guide for templates with an added Barcode Area used as form identification

  4. PDF Guide for Anonymous templates