Clip Art

Below are a collection of clip art images that can be useful when designing a form. You can use and modify them freely.

If you'd like to change the images, you can edit them with Inkscape, a free SVG file editor. When saving an SVG file for use in FormReturn, be sure to convert fonts to paths by selecting all of the items on the page, then selecting "Path" from the application menu, and click "Object to Path".

To add these images to a segment or form, click the image tool, drag an area on the page, and double click it to select the SVG file.

To maintain the aspect ratio of an image, select the "Retain Shape" checkbox in the image properties panel on the left of the screen, when the image is selected.

An instructions header

Instructions SVG

Download instructions.svg (right mouse click the link and save as).

Correct shading instructions

Correct Bubble SVG

Download correct_bubble.svg (right mouse click the link and save as).

An OMR grid correct shading instructions image

OMR Grid Instructions SVG

Download omrgridinstructions.svg (right mouse click the link and save as).