Mac OS X Installation

Installation on Mac OS X couldn't be simpler. All you require is Mac OS X 10.7 or higher.

Simply double click the FormReturn disk image file to start the installation...

Step 1 - Double click on the downloaded FormReturn disk image (dmg) file.

Step 2- Click "Agree" once you have read and accepted the terms of the license agreement.

Step 3 - The FormReturn disk image is then mounted. Drag the FormReturn app to your Applications folder (or wherever you store your applications). If you are prompted to replace, make sure FormReturn and FormReturn Server are NOT running.

Step 4 - Drag the newly installed FormReturn application to your Dock.

Step 5 - Click the FormReturn icon in the Dock to start the program.

NOTE: If you are looking for FormReturn Server, you will find this inside of the FormReturn app file. To locate it, right click on the FormReturn app in your Applications folder, then click "Show Package Contents". Navigate to Contents -> Resources to find FormReturn