Windows Installation Instructions

Installation on Windows couldn't be more simple. All you require is Windows 7 or higher.

Step 1 - Double click on the downloaded installer file.

Step 2 - Click "Yes" only if the verified publisher is "EB Strada Pty Ltd".

Step 3 - The FormReturn Installation Wizard should appear, click next once you have read/done what it says.

Step 4- You must read the agreement then click the "I accept the terms of the License Agreement" radio button which then lets you click next. Clicking "I accept" indicates you have read the license agreement, and you are legally bound by its terms when you accept it.

Step 5 - If you get a message here that says your Java installation is old or it can't find Java, make sure you select the Java JRE option in the next screen. You can avoid this message by installing Java 8 or higher on your PC.

Step 6 - As mentioned in the previous step, select the Java JRE if you don't have Java or it isn't Java 8 or higher. Selecting the Java JRE component will only install the Java files inside of FormReturn, not for everything else.

Step 7 - This is the folder where FormReturn will be installed. By default, Windows systems store their 32 bit applications in the (main drive):\Program Files (x86)\ directory (folder). If you leave this as the default, a FormReturn directory (folder) will be created in the Program Files directory\folder. The program will be located inside this directory.

Step 8- Enter the name of the program group you'd like the FormReturn shortcuts to be installed to. Then click next and wait for the installation to finish, then click finish.

Step 9- Double click the FormReturn shortcut on your desktop or in your start menu to start the program.