Windows Installation Instructions

Installation on Windows couldn't be simpler. All you require is a recent version of Windows (Windows XP SP3 or greater).

CHOOSING THE RIGHT DOWNLOAD: If you have don't have a 64 bit version of Windows (you can find this out from Control Panel -> System), don't install the 64 bit version of FormReturn (it will not work). If you have a 64 bit version of Windows, only choose the 64 bit version of FormReturn if you require it to work with a 64 bit TWAIN driver. If you use the 64 bit version of FormReturn and the scan forms button no longer works, uninstall it and install the normal version.

Simply double click the FormReturn MSI installer...

Step 1 - Double click on the downloaded installer file. You may get a warning saying that you downloaded the file from the Internet.. click "run" if you get this warning (as long as you downloaded it from our servers).

Step 2 - The FormReturn Installation Wizard should appear, click next once you have read/done what it says.

Step 3 - This is the part where some people get stuck, you have to read the agreement then click the "I accept" button which then lets you click next. Clicking "I accept" indicates you have read the license agreement, and you are legally bound by its terms when you accept it.

Step 4 - As mentioned above, you can see the next button is enabled once clicking "I accept".

Step 5 - This is the folder where FormReturn will be installed. By default, Windows systems store their applications in the (main drive):\Program Files\ directory (folder). If you leave this as the default, a FormReturn directory (folder) will be created in the Program Files directory\folder. The program will be located inside this directory.

Step 6 - Once the files are installed, you can launch the application by leaving the Launch application button ticked and clicking finish.

Step 7 - Allow all network connections to FormReturn and FormReturn Server when prompted by clicking "Unblock" FOR FORMRETURN ONLY (or Java if you are starting FormReturn). This will let the client program talk to the server program. It will also enable multiple instance checking (so you don't accidently run more than 1 copy of FormReturn at a time and corrupt your database or files).

Step 8 - You will notice when the installer has finished, FormReturn and FormReturn Server icons will appear in on your desktop and in your program menu (under the FormReturn folder). You can also drag these shortcuts on your desktop to your quick launch bar.