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Bubble Sheet (Answer Sheet) Templates

Bubble Sheet

SAT Answer Sheet
Try this well known US entrance test template.
(US letter size)

First, Create. Then it’s just Print, Scan, and Export!

Gone are the days of having to buy multiple software packages and learn multiple programs to take care of these needs: FormReturn does it all for you, in one single, efficient program.

And the best part? You won’t need to buy a big expensive bubble-scanning machine to use with our software. Not only does FormReturn let you create printable bubble sheets with ease, it can analyze your completed forms simply by scanning them with a standard image scanner.

Take a look at some compatible scanners here.

Get Started Now with Your Own Design

To help you see just how easy it is, we’ve provided bubble sheet templates here for you to preview. Take a look, and start thinking how you’d like to design your own! To start, click on the paper size that corresponds with your own printer:

Sample Bubble Sheet Templates

OMR Sheet

Really Quick Start to Designing Bubble Sheets

  1. Find a good image scanner.
  2. Download the FREE 30 day trial of FormReturn.
  3. Install the software, then follow these 11 steps to creating a form.
  4. After learning how to use the software, choose an appropriate way to use the software, explained further in the quick start guide videos.
  5. Once your free trial has expired, you can purchase a license online at our easy to use online store.

Get Online Support

Any questions? Please feel free to e-mail us at or use our online support system:

Instructional Clip Art Images

We’ve also included clip art images that provide instruction for proper technique to shade in the form. If you are interested, they may be downloaded on the clip art page.

More resources for getting started ...

  1. Sample Bubble Sheet Templates

  2. PDF Guide for templates with Template Variable Replacement used as form identification

  3. PDF Guide for templates with an OMR ID Grid used as form identification

  4. PDF Guide for templates with an added Barcode Area used as form identification

  5. PDF Guide for Anonymous templates