Upgrading FormReturn

The following procedure should be considered every time you upgrade FormReturn:

  1. Check your license agreement's free updates period is still valid by clicking on the "Help" menu inside FormReturn, then click License. Make sure that the version you are downloading was not released after the free update periods time. You can also check what versions work with your activation code by visiting the past versions page, entering in your activation code and filtering the list of versions that will work with your license. If your license does not work with the latest version, you can purchase an upgrade license.
  3. Backup your database first. For information on backup procedures, visit the backup procedure page. A backup is essential if you wish to downgrade back to an older version after upgrading.
  4. Download the new version and install it.

Note: Removing or re-installing the FormReturn program files will not remove your FormReturn data directory (as it is stored in a different place).