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Business Administration

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FormReturn offers a fully-featured set of options that provide you with robust tools for your business administration applications.


We know that time is money, and unfortunately, having to rely on hand compiled timesheets wastes both of these resources. Manually typing in the hours worked by each employee, during each shift, week after week, is an onerous process for your staff. Not only is this inefficient, but it represents a waste of your money, since having to pay your staff to manually enter data from timesheets is a costly use of manpower. Moreover, manual data entry from timesheets can also be prone to human error – another potential source of financial loss for you and your company.

FormReturn’s software lets you automate nearly every step of this process, saving your staff time and effort, while ensuring greater accuracy as well. With FormReturn, completed timesheets can simply be scanned into your computer, using any commercially available scanner. Once the images have been created, you can simply upload these files directly into FormReturn, and let the software do the rest. Within just a few clicks, you’ll be able to process timesheet after timesheet in mere moments, converting hours worth of work into a simple, brief task. You’ll be amazed how much more useful your staff will be when they’re not stuck processing mountains of data entry each week.

Quality Control, Logistics & Stocktakes

In business, your profits are only as good as the records you keep. When you’re using sloppy, disorganized forms that require manual data entry for information to be collected, you run the risk of missing out on serious data about your business that you need to know. With FormReturn, our unique software is optimized to capture what you need to know – and to do it quickly.

Not only does FormReturn provide a rich set of features that let you design your own forms to distribute for data collection, its software will also allow you to quickly extract this information from scanned forms, without having to wait for your staff to manually enter the data into spreadsheets by hand. The result? A more agile business, able to respond faster to trends uncovered by data collection. An informed business is a profitable business.

Get Started

To get FormReturn working for you:

  1. Find a good image scanner.
  2. Download the FREE 30 day trial of FormReturn.
  3. Install the software, then follow these 11 steps to creating a form.
  4. After learning how to use the software, choose an appropriate way to use the software, explained further in the quick start guide videos.
  5. Once your free trial has expired, you can purchase a license online at our easy to use online store.

Online Support

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