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OMR Conference

Conference Evaluation, multiple-choice surveys are the most practical way of finding out people's views on how your conference was organized and run. With FormReturn you can automatically collect immediate results from the responses on paper surveys.

Design your own custom OMR, multiple-choice/bubble sheet survey forms using FormReturn's template editors or download a sample Conference Evaluation survey, and try FormReturn using our 30 day free trial.

This type of survey can be published and printed into unique forms for each person at the conference, or another option is to publish an anonymous form that can be printed or photocopied into as many copies as needed for distribution. When the returned forms are scanned and uploaded into FormReturn the captured response data will reconcile with the form template it belongs to, and if form identification was used, the records it belongs to.

OMR Survey

Get Started

To get FormReturn working for you:

  1. Find a good image scanner.
  2. Download the FREE 30 day trial of FormReturn.
  3. Install the software, then follow these 11 steps to creating a form.
  4. After learning how to use the software, choose an appropriate way to use the software, explained further in the quick start guide videos.
  5. Once your free trial has expired, you can purchase a license online at our easy to use online store.

Online Support

Any questions? Please feel free to e-mail us at or use our online support system: