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OMR Education

Forget about the stress of having to grade exam after exam by hand. Now, with FormReturn’s OMR software, you’ll have the ability to automatically grade all of your multiple-choice exams in bubble sheet form. Not only does this shorten your potential workload from days to mere hours, but you’ll be able to be more accurate as well.

With FormReturn, you can even create your own bubble sheet OMR forms. Simply use the included template editors to design a custom bubble sheet OMR form, and then print with a lazer printer. If you prefer, we also have pre-made bubble sheet questionnaires and answer templates freely available for you to download. When you’re ready to grade your exams, simply scan the bubble sheets back into your computer with a standard document scanner. These images are uploaded into FormReturn’s software, where they can be processed and analyzed – and then exported directly to a spreadsheet for your own convenience.

Get Started

To get FormReturn working for you:

  1. Find a good image scanner.
  2. Download the FREE 30 day trial of FormReturn.
  3. Install the software, then follow these 11 steps to creating a form.
  4. After learning how to use the software, choose an appropriate way to use the software, explained further in the quick start guide videos.
  5. Once your free trial has expired, you can purchase a license online at our easy to use online store.

Online Support

Any questions? Please feel free to e-mail us at or use our online support system: