Health Care

Streamline your entire assessment process – Patient Assessments, Nursing Assessments, Psychological Assessments, and more – with cutting edge software from FormReturn.

Increasingly, today’s healthcare centers have begun to rely on barcodes to help organize individual paper documents with patient records. With FormReturn, you’ll have the flexibility to create your own. The software has a unique “Barcode Area” feature that allows you to affix barcode labels to individual documents. And if you like, you can take advantage of our own Template Variable Replacement feature (analogous to “Mail merge” software), to print records from your data directly onto forms. Once you receive completed forms back, simply scan and upload these back into FormReturn, and the software will recognize the barcode, organizing the captured responses accordingly.

The collection of quantitative data is also crucial for generating clinical research. With more efficient methods of information collection and processing, physicians can turn data gathered from patients into meaningful results to guide changes in patient care.

And in today’s healthcare environment, data is king. Not only is quantitative data essential for making clinical breakthroughs in management strategies, but the efficiency of patient data collection is increasingly becoming linked to a hospital’s financial bottom line. One need look no further than recent articles published by Forbes Magazine or Mckinsey & Company to recognize this. A hospital that can efficiently capture data from its own patient interactions is better poised to translate this into financial profits.

Screenshot of a patient assessment form designed using the FormReturn form editor.