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FormReturn may be used as a powerful research tool, allowing you to unlock key insight into the preferences of your customers.

Using FormReturn to build results from surveys

Learning what your customers’ needs, wants, and preferences are can be a daunting task. On the front end, you’re responsible for compiling countless surveys – writing out questions, collating these questions into documents, printing out your surveys, and finally distributing them – all while struggling to remain organized in the process.

On the back end, the job is no easier. Normally, once completed surveys have been collected, your work has only just begun. Individual answers must be read, response-by-response, and hand-entered into a datasheet. The process is not only tedious and prone to human error, but incredibly time-consuming as well.

FormReturn revolutionizes this entire process, from start to finish.

First, with FormReturn’s unique software, users can create professional-looking surveys, quickly and efficiently. Simply use one of our many survey templates, or quickly create your own. Either way, you’ll be just clicks away from a clean, well-organized document that you’ll be able to distribute to your customers.

Click here to download one of our sample “Customer Satisfaction” Survey Templates, for use with FormReturn.

Once your customers have filled out their surveys, however, is when FormReturn really begins to shine. For starters, you’ll be able to forget about the long, tedious hours spent reading and manually typing the results from each question, organizing these into a spreadsheet. With FormReturn, the entire process is completely automated. Simply scan individual sheets into a standard document scanner of your choice, and upload the images into our software. Using advanced optical mark recognition (OMR) technology, FormReturn will then quickly analyze and collate the data, organizing it into a spreadsheet of your choice. Within moments, this nearly instantaneous processing within FormReturn will save you hours of costly manpower – all while being more accurate in the process.

To truly extract meaningful, valuable data from surveys, however, we recognize that data collected from your customers must first be fully analyzed in order to to sort the “signal from the noise.”

To do this, you’ll want to perform quantitative analysis using the data that FormReturn has helped you collect and organize. That’s why we’ve planned ahead for you, making sure that FormReturn includes a robust set of export options and flexibility, allowing you to effortlessly transport your data into statistical software for further analysis. Within just a few clicks, raw data from FormReturn’s software can easily be exported into a CSV format file.

These CSV files can then in turn easily be uploaded into a wide range of other programs optimized for statistical analysis of your data. The well-known “SPSS Statistics” software brand, for instance, is easily compatible with such data exported by FormReturn.

Get Started

To get FormReturn working for you:

  1. Find a good image scanner.
  2. Download the FREE 30 day trial of FormReturn.
  3. Install the software, then follow these 11 steps to creating a form.
  4. After learning how to use the software, choose an appropriate way to use the software, explained further in the quick start guide videos.
  5. Once your free trial has expired, you can purchase a license online at our easy to use online store.

Online Support

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